Live Video Broadcast

Live Video Broadcasting From Any Location

Broadcast your events LIVE from any location, including outdoors, parks, parties and concerts. Broadcast at a moment’s notice. Unlimited viewers can watch your live video stream with no extra bandwidth cost to you. Viewers will be able to watch your live video broadcast on their computers, mobile devices or tablets. You will be able to broadcast directly from your computer, laptop, or mobile devices. All live video broadcast can be recorded, archived and saved for playback at a later time.


Live video broadcast are great for sports events, wedding, birthdays, major political events, concerts, conferences, movie premieres, talk shows, sporting and entertainment events, interactive games, and personal milestones.

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Cafe Urban provide full consultation on how to get started and what is needed to meet your live event needs and budget. We can assist with setting up an indoor broadcast studio, or on location requirements. Switching between cameras can be used when broadcasting live video with real-time video and audio switching capabilities. Video clips, commercials and graphic shots can be queue and played during live broadcast using the real-time video switching capabilities. Virtual 3D studio sets can be computer generated and used with green screens backgrounds, saving you the cost of physically building studio sets.


Broadcast your computer’s desktop screen through your website for training sessions, webinars and web conference, a great way to earn extra income if you are a teacher or instructor.

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