Post your videos and audio online and let
your site visitors easily surf through your collection.

Cafe Urban’s Audio/Video services offer many solutions to all your online media needs.

  • Charge Pay-Per-View for your video content.
  • Plug advertisements into your playlist.
  • Insert YouTube videos into your web pages.
  • Play podcasts directly in your website.
  • Sell your video & audio online as digital products with masked download links.
  • Sell your Audio CD as an album, or as individual songs.
  • Media players- easily add your own media.
  • Custom video pages with custom backgrounds.
  • Long format videos – Content Delivery Networks.
  • Live Video Broadcast from any location.
  • Audio & Video file conversions (any format to any format).

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to learn more about our Audio Video Services.


Example:  YouTube Video in an Dynamic Ad Banner
We Design Ad Banners With Your YouTube Videos Embedded

Cafe Urban design dynamic or animated Ad Banners with multiple image and video layer capabilities. Each layer has its own independent controls within a timeline. We make your online Ad Banners and Presentations more appealing and dynamic to your audience. These Ad Banners can be easily added to WordPress themes at any size. The Ad Banners are also viewable in any mobile device; an alternative and solution to Apple mobile products not displaying Flash content.

Example: YouTube Video Player
Play your YouTube videos or playlist on your site

Require Flash player

Play your YouTube playlist directly from your site. Play your videos continuously without interruption, even if your videos are in more than one clip due to YouTube’s restriction of uploading only 10 minute videos for free. Video players can be easily plugged into WordPress Themes and Sidebars.